Sustainable Biofuels Solutions

Sustainable Biofuels Solutions, LLC (SBS), led by David Nash (RADM USN, Ret), was formed to engineering and project develop advanced renewable energy technologies. SBS ,a company with World Class leadership, offers two revolutionary new technology platforms, Continuous Microwave Thermo Catalytic Depolymerization (CMD) and Sublimax, are available to the renewable energies market to affordably, efficiently and responsibly produce renewable drop-in fuel and electricity from biomass and municipal solid waste (MSW).

SBS’s CMD technology creates renewable drop-in diesel fuel from various forms of biomass and MSW using a technique called Continuous Microwave Thermo Catalytic Depolymerization. Sublimax Transforms feedstock into high BTU gas which can be used for power generation or to meet heating or cooling needs

SBS’s production processes are closed loop systems that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Total feedstock utilization with minimum waste creation is one of the goals of our process solution.


Project Development

Developing a renewable energy project is a complex task requiring a broad range of capabilities read more

Product Engineering

SBS provides product engineering services based on established, leading-edge biofuel technologies read more

Operations and Maintenance

SBS offers a range of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Management services, which include monitoring read more

Research & Development

SBS maintains a rigorous R&D program. We have various renewable energy technologies read more

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Sustainable Biofuels Solutions