David Nash (RADM USN, Ret)

David Nash is a professional engineer with hands-on experience at all program and project levels, including multi-million dollar complexes and multi-billion dollar infrastructure reconstruction programs. Nash served the US Navy as a commissioned civil engineer for 33 years before retiring as a Rear Admiral. During his 46-year career, he has gained extensive experience and expertise in program management, facility design, construction, logistics and facility maintenance. He has provided construction, program, financial, and acquisition management services for programs and projects all over the world, including the largest reconstruction program ever attempted by the US Government outside its borders.

Admiral Nash served as Director of the Iraq Program Management Office, beginning in August 2003, which managed the $18.4 billion provided by the US Congress to support the reconstruction of Iraq. There he created an innovative Program Management approach to manage this large undertaking under the most difficult conditions, mobilizing the world’s construction industry to deploy to Iraq. Following Iraqi sovereignty in June 2004, he became both Director, Iraq Reconstruction Management Office (a part of the US Embassy in Iraq) and Director, Project and Contracting Office, which oversaw the construction and non-construction activities assigned to the US Army. Admiral Nash holds a seat on numerous engineering Boards and is President of DN&A, a international consulting firm.

Melvin H. Chiogioji, PhD, PE (RADM USN, Ret)
Managing Partner, Co-Founder of SBS

Dr. Chiogioji is President and CEO of MELE Associates. Chiogioji has 32 years of experience in project and program management for engineering and research, including 20 years of management experience in energy efficiency programs, policies, and research; energy economics and financing; international, state and local energy programs; industrial waste utilization and minimization; and construction management of nuclear and fossil-fueled power plants.

During 27 years as a Federal civil servant, he served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Energy, from 1980-1985, completing his Federal career as Deputy Director and Construction Manager for the New Production Reactor Program. Dr. Chiogioji has also served the Department of Energy as Director, Office of Industrial Waste Management, and as Director, Office of Transportation Systems.

He spent five years on active duty with the US Navy. Following active service, Dr. Chiogioji served in various reserve assignments, culminating in his selection to Rear Admiral in 1987. His last position was as Commander of the Second Naval Construction Brigade, an 8,000 person organization consisting of both active duty and reserve personnel, responsible for all Seabee operations in the Atlantic and Mediterranean regions.

Dr. Chiogioji also has 18 years of experience teaching graduate level courses in R&D Management, Organizational Development, Change Management, Systems Analysis, Operations Research and Energy Management.

Admiral Richard Cellon 
Director of Project Design & Construction 

Prior to joining SBS, Richard served as President of the Downstream Oil and Gas segment of Willbros Group, a global contractor specializing in energy infrastructure.

Admiral Cellon retired from active duty in October 2009, after more than 31 years of Naval service. His final duty assignment was as Commander, FIRST Naval Construction Division (2007-2009).

A native of Gainesville, FL, Admiral Cellon is a 1978 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. He holds master’s degrees from the University of Florida (Civil Engineering) and the Naval War College (National Security and Strategic Studies). Admiral Cellon also attended the Wharton School’s Advanced Management Program at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a registered professional engineer in Virginia and California.

Director of Technical Development

Dr. Raj Mishra has over 36 years of industrial experience related to facilities engineering and management. He worked for General Motors for over 28 years and for Parsons Brinckerhoff for 3 years. At General Motors, he was responsible for developing and implementing the Chemicals Management program and the Resource Management program. GM has realized cost savings of hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of these programs. 

Dr. Mishra has expertise in environmental engineering, energy engineering, and systems engineering. He has experience in air pollution control, water pollution control, and energy systems optimization. He has also worked in developing and implementing Health & Safety programs and ISO 14000 programs. His work assignments have taken him around the globe from USA to Europe to Asia. 

Dr. Mishra has over 100 technical articles published, and presented, in leading international engineering journals. He holds a MBA and a PhD in Chemical Enginering and has received various awards including the Rudolfs Medal from the Water Environment Federation, the Outsourcing World Achievement Award, and the CMS Medal of Honor from the Chemical Strategies Partnership.


Doug Beekman 
Director of Finance & Project Development Officer

Prior to joining SBS, Mr. Beekman spent 11 years in the venture capital industry with Advantage Capital Partners. Prior to that, Mr. Beekman was Manager, Corporate Development with Danaher Corporation. Mr. Beekman holds a BA in Government from Dartmouth College and an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

John McConnell
Director of Business Development

Prior to Joining SBS , Mr. McConnell spent 30 years in program managment and communications. He is also a Senior Vice President at MELE Associates one of the founding companies of SBS. While at MELE Associates Mr. McConnell"s division has been involved with Communication projects for the Secretary of Defense, Air Force, DOT and the NSA. His division at MELE Associates is responsible for initiatives in aviation, communication, health sciences and alternative energy.

As a program director he oversaw infrastrucure projects in Guam and the Net Africa project in Ghana. He was also responsible for development fo the Ocean Thermal Conversion Project (OTEC) and the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to commercialize and develp the Synthetic Fuel Process Systems extracting carbon dioxide(CO2) and produce hydrogen(H2) from seawater.

A former Manager at KPMG and Senior Analyst for the U.S. Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, Mr. McConnell was responsible for overseeing budgets and contracts for Senate project initiatives, coordinating activites between Senate offices and departments as well as developing stratgic plans, coordination of hearings, and review of communications and outreach strategies. While working for the U.S. Senate Mr. McConnell served twenty years as staff on the Senate Armed Services, Foreign Relations, and Rules and Administration Committees.

Peter Bergeron
Director of Global Sales 

Captain Peter J. Bergeron, USCG (ret) has over 29 years of executive level leadership experience at the highest levels of government, military service, and business including the White House, the Chief of Naval Operations, and the Commandant of the Coast Guard.  He is a recognized leader in the fields of maritime safety, security, and operations, alternative energy and synthetic fuel production, and continuity of government/business operations

 Bergeron retired from the Coast Guard after 26 years of exceptional service including 4 tours as a Cutter Commanding Officer, a 3 year assignment to the White House Military Office working for the President, and tours working directly for the Chief of Naval Operations, and the Commandant of the Coast Guard.

 While working for the Chief of Naval Operations, he led a Disruptive Technology involving research into quantum computers,  robotics, and alternative energy.  They designed, developed, and created an alternative energy portfolio for the Department of Defense using coal, turkey offal, and energy crops.  The program provided a net zero carbon imprint on the environment and would provide a barrel of F76 marine diesel or JP5 jet fuel at $55.00.  These efforts led to creation of the Navy Department of alternative energy, a Navy alternative fuels testing program, and a pilot project to produce alternative fuels and use them in Navy jets and Naval vessels.  The program generated the most positive feedback, and potential gains, by any CNO Strategic Study Group project in the last 25 years. 

 He was a Fellow at the Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Study Group in 2006.

 He is a 1983 graduate of the US Coast Guard Academy with a BS in Government. He holds a Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence from the Defense Intelligence College (1992), and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 2002.





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